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-About Me-
My name's Rachel Jean. I've blown out the candles 21 times. I'm a cosplayer, an autograph collector, and caffeine enthusiast. I live in Maine, in a cute little apartment with my really rad boyfriend (you can find his Tumblr here ) and our really cute kitten named Jaspers.
I work at Hannaford (which is a New England chain of grocery store) and have no idea how I get by with the bills on my current income.
I'm taking a mini break from college. I'm super in debt because of my bullshit student loans. I'm majoring in Media/Film and I'm crazy close to graduating but I needed a financial and mental chunk of time off from that.
I enjoy attending anime/gaming conventions. I cosplay a lot. You can check out my cosplay tag if you would like to see. I have completed 20+ cosplays. I'm actually not that good at it. But it's fun. As of right now in my life, I am only able to attend conventions in the New England (the NorthEastern part of America) area. If you have any questions about which cons I have been to/will be at, please ask. (:
I also am one of the hosts of MaineStuck - a group for Homestucks in Maine to attend regular meetups. Check it out if you're in the area. <3

AAC 2012


Wow you guys please go follow him because he deserves more followers and look at his quality Dirk-ness AND HE EVEN MADE THAT SMUPPET BY HAND so just go do it please ok. <3

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    Alek, I just choked. You are the best Dirk.
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    fdbjsdvbfdbj amazing Dirk cosplay is super awesome
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    Yes omg but I feel so bad about the Gagnam Plush one being so blurry. D: I’ll upload a photoset of your Dave pics in a...
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    Holy shit, Rachel, these came out awesome. Thank you so much. ; u ;
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    follow this sexy Dirk :D
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    Go follow this hothothot Dirk and this hothothot photographer because they are the best. HE ALSO MADE THE DIRK SHIRT...